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It’s brilliant that we have 20 new directors ready to go.

But I hope that we will need a lot more than that. At UCCF Forum at the end of August I will be directing a team which will do 3 performances of the Mark Drama, with an audience of 300 at each.

And CU leaders from all over the country will be watching.

Afterwards they will have the opportunity to indicate that their CU wants to do the Mark Drama at their university. Nearly all of these productions will happen in the late January-early March window.

So we need more directors.

Please pray for Callom and me as we talk to UCCF about how we can find more people willing and able to be Mark Drama directors. Should we also train some students? Do we do more training weekends, or do we try to train the next tranche of directors on the job as they shadow a production?

Wisdom needed! And directors needed too!