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Some of the 20 new directors-in-training had never seen the Mark Drama.

So a key part of this past weekend was me directing parts of the drama, with the participants doing the acting (and Callom playing Jesus). You could sense the enthusiasm mounting.

5 who had already shadowed a production then each directed a few incidents in Mark: they did a great job.

There was also an opportunity to show everyone how the director works with the Jesus actor (before any of the rehearsals) to work on two of the most demanding scenes: Gethsemane and the cross.

We had to pass on a lot of director’s materials to everyone too. It didn’t look like anyone was suffering from information overload: they could see the value of all they were getting.

Please pray that all 20 new directors will take time soon to go through the materials they’ve gone home with. Everyone’s excited about the prospect of directing, but everyone’s aware, too, that they have a lot to do in order to internalise the whole drama, so they can direct everything as far as possible without looking at the notes.

And let’s be praying that all 20 of these directors will experience the Lord’s help as they prepare themselves to direct, and then as they direct productions in 2019.

And that many students will come to know Jesus!