Mark Drama in Reading

This was a massive highlight for me.

I was directing for Kennet Valley Free Church. The team age-range went from 16 up to 70 (I’m guessing here, so I may be offending some of my readers!): the challenge for me was that we had no one between the ages of 22 and 34.

But they were brilliant: loads of focus and commitment. And Charlie, who was playing Jesus and who had never seen Mark Drama, was superb: he had learnt the Jesus words incredibly well and spoke them out so you could feel the authority in them, and he was very quick at every point of the rehearsals to get what I was looking for.

And Section Six, which includes Gethsemane, the arrest, the trials and the crucifixion, was astonishingly powerful. I was moved in the rehearsals as well as in both performances.

As were many who came to experience the Mark Drama themselves.

Please thank God with me for the power of the Gospel. And let’s pray for fruit that will make eternity different!

The Mark Drama and Uncover Mark

This past weekend it’s like a door has opened.

In September UCCF is kick-starting Uncover Mark in university CUs. As part of this they’re going to encourage CUs to put on their own production of the Mark Drama.

For that to be possible we need directors. Lots of them.

Callom and I trained 20 new directors this past weekend. They came from all over, committed to learning how to help CUs proclaim the good news in this way. They worked hard. They asked good questions. They studied the director’s materials.

One comment was typical: I’m much more confident after this weekend! Here’s another: I’m very positive. Lemme at ‘em!

20 new directors. We need a lot more, but this weekend has been a fantastic start.

A door has opened.


After Cheltenham

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Yesterday I drove home from Cheltenham.

People from a number of churches (but mostly from Holy Apostles Church) had got together to do a Mark Drama production as part of Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival.

I enjoyed working with this team. Everyone worked hard and was determined to be the best they could be.

The first performance filled the venue (which was Holy Apostles Church): I reckon we had 250 people there. The second performance (at Elim Christian Centre) was full too, though the venue was less than half the size. But the right number of people came to a performance – we might not have had chairs for anyone else who turned up!

And the reactions were so positive. In the Comments book someone wrote: Really powerful to feel a part of the story! And another comment read Thank you – wonderful to be in the middle of a story you know so well and live the story in such a powerful way.

So we pray on for everyone who came. Lots of people took copies of Mark’s Gospel and of The Message of the Mark Drama.

Let’s pray for fruit that makes eternity different!