The Book

You can learn the order of the events of each sixth of Mark's Gospel in just ten minutes! This means that you can do Bible study in the shower without getting your Bible wet. Whatever you are doing, you can be meditating on Mark's Gospel. Think what this might mean for your understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus. If you are looking for a new way into Mark's Gospel and if you long to allow the Gospel to help you worship and experience Jesus, The Mark Experiment is the book for you.

Although The Mark Experiment is not about The Mark Drama (an in-the-round presentation of every incident in Mark, performed by 15 people from a church or Christian Union), it does provide the basis for it. 

The Author

After 20 years as a missionary in Austria, Andrew Page is now a member of Above Bar Church, Southampton. While preparing to speak on Mark's Gospel at a Bible conference, he found that this structure of Mark was transforming his daily relationship with Jesus. He wrote the book because he wanted other people to experience this too.

What other people are saying

Wow! This is superb! If you ever wished you could learn a gospel as a believer or serious seeker, then this is for you. Here we have Mark’s Gospel in memorable format.
Full review: Evangelicals Now, December 2005

The treatment of difficult passages and the lucid explanations of the theological links in Mark show that Andrew Page is a sound, careful Bible teacher. The meaning of the cross with its implications for salvation and discipleship are constantly and faithfully presented.
Evangelical Times, January 2006

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  • Author: Andrew Page
  • Title: The Mark Experiment
  • Publisher: VTR Publications
  • ISBN: 978-3-937965-21-5 (second edition)
  • RRP: £8.00

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