The Gospel of Mark, in 90 minutes.

For the Mark Drama, you don't need props, costumes or professionals.

But you can present every incident of Mark's Gospel vividly and powerfully to a group of invited guests, with a team of 15 actors from your church or Christian Union. It is an amazing experience for Christians, reminding them of the work of Jesus, and it's also great for anyone investigating the Christian faith.

“If I'm honest, I went to the Mark Drama doubting how good it would be.
I left in no doubt that it is absolutely outstanding."
Jonathan Carswell, Director,

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Tell me more about what would happen.

The Mark Drama involves a team of 15 people from your church or Christian Union, who learn the order of the events in Mark's Gospel over 6 weeks using The Mark Experiment. We'll send a director, who will teach the actors over 3 rehearsals. Most groups put on two performances. If you have more questions, read our FAQs ⇒

“It was really helpful and interesting to learn Mark in such a lot of detail and it was a lot of fun. It's really hard to believe you will actually be able to do the whole thing in 3 rehearsals, but God was so obviously working and helping us.”
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I'd like to put on a production.

Our step-by-step guides explain what is involved in putting on the Mark Drama:

(These pages explain how to put on the Mark Drama in the UK. If you're in another country, go to our countries page.)

Who would we invite to performances of the Mark Drama?

The performances are great opportunities to invite friends, family or neighbours who are not yet Christians. There are many people who are not ready yet to come to an evangelistic talk, but who will come to a drama event. After the performance free copies of Mark are available, and perhaps invitations to Christianity Explored (which is based on Mark) or Alpha.

We strongly recommend that no one under the age of 8 should come to a Mark Drama performance.