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International Performances

November 24 and 25
Heidelberg, Germany
church group

December 3 and 4
São Paulo, Brazil
student group 

December 4 and 5
Stuttgart, Germany
student group

December 4 and 5
Aachen, Germany
student group 

December 4 and 5
Leuven, Belgium
student group 

December 11 and 12
Freiburg, Germany
student group

December 11 and 12
Mainz, Germany
student group

January 15 and 16
Marburg, Germany
student group

January 22 and 23
Tübingen, Germany
student group

February 18 and 19
Lauf, Germany
youth group 

May 28 and 29
Coimbra, Portugal 
student group


The Mark Drama is being performed regularly in all the countries below. If you would like to find out how to see the Mark Drama or how to perform the Mark Drama, the best way is to contact the coordinator for your country.


Austria / Österreich

Belgium / België / Belgique

Brazil / Brasil

  • Coordinator: Jessica Grant
  • Email: contato[at]experimentomarcos[dot]com[dot]br 
  • Website: 




Germany / Deutschland

Hungary / Magyarország


Italy / Italia

  • Coordinator: Chris Brown
  • Email: chrisbrown[at]gbu[dot]it

Latvia / Latvija

Lithuania / Lietuva

Norway / Norge

Poland / Polska


Spain / España


United States of America