What people say about The Mark Drama

The Mark Drama is the best outreach event our church has put on in recent years. The cast, the church family and our guests loved it, and it was very easy to invite people to. The drama is funny, but more significantly it is deeply moving and thought-provoking. On top of all this, it is very straightforward to put on. Highly, highly recommended!
Nick Algeo, Curate, Christ Church Leyton 

The Mark Drama is the best evangelistic event we have done. People found it an easy thing to invite friends to, and the drama itself is a very powerful portrayal of the gospel, which can hardly fail to have an impact on those who attend. For us it has been a great encouragement to members of the church family, and also a useful part of our outreach. 
Ed Pennington, Senior Minister, Christ Church Endcliffe, Sheffield 

It's been the best thing we've done in years. The team have been filled with awe and love for Jesus. Church members who came to watch have been excited afresh about being on mission with Jesus. And we have had more unbelievers coming to Mark Drama than any other outreach we've done. We want to do it again!
Richard Hagan, Minister, Emmanuel Church Canterbury 

The Mark Drama had a powerful impact on our congregation, believers and (as yet) unbelievers alike who had been invited to attend. Everyone, performers included, was faced with the dramatic reality of the truth of the gospel as it was vibrantly and faithfully enacted. The powerful message of the good news of Mark’s Gospel is portrayed with close attention to detail as the entire sequential events of the gospel unfold before the eyes of the audience. A wonderful evening “with a difference” which has been greatly appreciated by all of us.
Mark Lawrence, Senior Pastor, Christ Church Dunstable

One of our church members, who brought her non-churchgoing husband, spoke for many afterwards: "I was absolutely blown away by the Mark Drama. What an event!"
Hearing Jesus' message and feeling part of the action as the 'seed of the word' was being sown was a profound and deeply memorable experience.
Matthew Brailsford, Vicar, All Saints' North Ferriby, East Yorkshire 

The Mark Drama performances allowed us to see afresh the powerful and engaging nature of the Gospel of Mark. Hosting the Mark Drama as a church has been a delight: the actors grew in confidence, understanding and love for Jesus; the members were able to invite and share with friends and neighbours; and, greatest of all, the message of the Gospel came through with passion, clarity and love. I commend the Mark Drama to you.
David Bassett, Senior Minister, Grace Anglican Network, Adelaide, Australia
"Astonishingly powerful, moving, you could hear a pin drop." Words often written about professional drama but much less frequently about amateur productions. And almost never about a production delivered in just a few days with amateur actors, few props and a bare stage. But words that are frequently - and entirely appropriately - used to describe productions of the Mark Drama. If you have the chance to take in a production or, better still, host one in your church, you can expect a profoundly stirring evening of reflection on the person of Jesus Christ as told through the eyes of the Gospel writer Mark. It's great to take friends to, comparatively easy (with the help of the good people at the Mark Drama) to put on. Teenagers frequently love participating, as do all ages. I can't recommend it highly enough as a window on the greatest story about the greatest person.
Marcus Honeysett, Director of Living Leadership 

Today so few people know even the barest story-line of the Bible or the life of Jesus. The Mark Drama uses local talent to act out and present the gospel of Mark in a setting which is intimate and informal. It is an ideal format to present Jesus and comes across with winsome power. I would love to see it being used by Christians all over the land and I am sure we will see it being used by the Lord as a step to bring people to Christ.
Roger Carswell, Evangelist

Now we've experienced the Mark Drama once I'm keen to repeat the experience often. It is both an excellent easy-invite, non-cringe evangelistic event for non-Christians (ideal pre-Christianity Explored/Alpha) and also a really inspiring way for Christians to experience the power of Mark's gospel freshly.
Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbes, Oxford, and Director of The Proclamation Trust

As someone with a passion for theater, I can attest to the fact that it is very difficult to find a fresh, creative way of presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ that is both engaging and faithful to the truth found only in God's Word. The Mark Drama accomplishes this like nothing I've ever seen! Because its script is simply the Gospel of Mark, every moment of the Mark Drama captivates both audience and performer in a way that only His Word can. Its content is as deep as its appeal is wide.
Matt Johnson, Director of Music and Worship Arts, Garber United Methodist Church, New Bern, USA

The Mark Drama turns every expectation of church drama on its head. It engages, informs and inspires in equal measure. One person brought an entire Christianity Explored group to see Mark's Gospel brought to life before our eyes; another brought his Kurdish neighbour. Our only question at the end of the evening was 'When can we do this again?'
Neil Powell, Pastor, City Church, Birmingham 

For many years we have portrayed parts of the Gospel message using drama, but I cannot remember us experiencing such a powerful impact as each scene in The Mark Drama was played out. Jesus was walking among us, and really calling us to be with him and to follow him. We have felt the pain and suffering of the Lord at a completely new level and our hearts have been strengthened by the knowledge of his sacrifice for us.
Canon Ian Silk, Vicar, St George's Swallowbeck, Lincoln.

The Mark Drama was a great experience for us as a church, one which we anticipate repeating. For the cast, it drew us closer to Jesus as we spent time preparing. For both cast and audience it opened up new ways of seeing Jesus, the events of his life and death and the responses of those around him. For me as a participant, minister and as a father with two boys in the cast it was a gift from God.
Revd. Steve Hobbis, Minister, South Oxhey Baptist Church

Why is the Mark Drama so good? It's hard to fully put your finger on it. But it is good - very, very good. If you are putting on one of these productions, it will be better than you hope it could be. One thing that makes it good is getting a team of 15 people to thoroughly learn Mark's Gospel. That makes it good. Another thing - the rehearsal time is only about 12 hours. That makes it doable and that's good. Then there's the fact that it's presented as theatre-in-the-round. That makes the guests part of the crowd watching and listening to the words of Jesus. That's good. None of the cast is dressed up as first-century people - they wear everyday clothes. People see the words of Jesus are not just some ancient history lesson. That's good. The fact that we got hundreds (literally) of guests to come and hear the whole of Mark's Gospel dramatically presented - that's got to be good. But why is the Mark Drama so good? You have to be there to know why.
Pete Woodcock, Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Kingston

If I'm honest, I went to the Mark Drama doubting how good it would be. I left in no doubt that it is absolutely outstanding. It is a powerful, fast-paced and accurate retelling of the Gospel. You leave really contemplating  not the acting, but the Word! I commend it to churches to use as evangelistic outreach or to train and teach the church family from the Gospel of Mark.
Jonathan Carswell, Director, www.10ofthose.com

The thought of drama in church normally makes me cringe, so the Mark Drama came as an astonishing and powerful surprise. In a form that is accessible and clear to all, yet utterly faithful to the text of Mark's Gospel, it offers nothing less than a brilliant, vivid encounter with the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. His words are spoken, his cross is displayed, his summons is heard. What a blessing it has been already to us! We look forward to using it regularly in evangelism; I simply cannot think of a better lead-in event to Christianity Explored.
Dr William J U Philip, Minister, St George's-Tron Church, Glasgow

For years I have been taught Mark and told that his first readers would have been thinking certain things, and that we are supposed to react in a particular way. The Mark Drama was a brilliant way of presenting the Gospel to people who knew nothing - and getting them to ask the questions you know Mark wants them to ask! We will do it again and again until everyone in Liverpool has seen it!
Maurice McCracken, Minister, Christ Church Liverpool

The Mark Drama offers a unique opportunity to see the gospel come to life, and hearing the words of Jesus take on new relevance and meaning. I found I was able to invite friends along who would not usually be interested in church or a Christian talk, and see them engage with the gospel for the first time. Being one of those involved, the process of memorising and rehearsing the events is a profound experience, especially being confronted with glory of Jesus and the stark reality of my sin as I took part in mocking and crucifying him.
Peter Cranston, former member of Bristol University CU

The powerful presentation of the Mark Drama has caused us to fall back in love with Jesus again, given us greater courage in mission, created greater opportunities for personal witnessing, grown our faith, developed and uncovered gifts and brought greater unity between churches. I can't recommend it enough!
Rev Joth Hunt, Minister, Eastleigh Baptist Church, Eastleigh, Hampshire

When I look through my notes of all the outreach events we've done in the last few years, only against The Mark Drama have I written, ‘Must repeat’.
Richard Fairbairn, Assistant Pastor, Kennet Valley Free Church, Reading

Until you experience it, you won't believe how good it is. I would estimate that we had at least a hundred guests and the same number of church members there. They were bowled over. Jesus powerfully walks off the pages of Mark (and an open Bible would help you clock every incident as he does). The Mark Drama makes for a quality night out of culture where you are drawn into a rivetting plot and storyline and thrown the challenge of working out what you make of this Jesus.
Neil Barber, Vicar, St Giles' Church, Derby

The Mark Drama brought a new dynamic to St Paul’s. Instead of just studying the Gospel or hearing sermons from it, suddenly a whole team of people were learning it, getting excited by it and having their lives changed. The two presentations in entirely different venues were powerful and moving and many people were challenged and took copies of Mark's Gospel and ‘Why Jesus?’. Some of Saturday’s audience returned to see it again the following evening! From a producer’s point of view it was exciting to be involved in recruiting the team, encouraging to see them enjoying their learning and satisfying to get pastorally involved in some of their lives in a small way as the Lord revealed things to them through the Gospel. Best of all was to experience the reaction of the audiences as they were touched by the power of the gospel in such a tangible way.
Andrew Robertson, General Manager, St Paul’s Church, Salisbury

When they hear about it, many people think the Mark Drama can’t work. When they’ve seen it work, many people find they can’t forget it! The Mark Drama is a powerful vehicle for bringing the life-changing message of Mark’s Gospel to the contemporary world. It’s a great tool in evangelism (including for international students) and a wonderfully creative way of absorbing a whole Gospel into the hearts and minds of those who act in it.
John Risbridger, Minister and Team Leader, Above Bar Church, Southampton

The Mark Drama captured the imagination of our church fellowship. It is so easy to invite friends along. It was great to see many moved by the power of the story, and it was particularly pleasing to see several folk who have probably heard quite a few evangelistic talks impacted from a very different angle. For the acting team it was a real opportunity to soak in the gospel, which they have found both refreshing and sharpening.
Graham Cooke, Pastor, Kennet Valley Free Church, Reading

The Mark Drama really changed the way I read Mark's Gospel. Suddenly it was very real and very applicable to my life and to the lives of those around me that needed to know the good news.
Louis, University of Bristol

It was an incredible experience to work as a director of The Mark Drama and see the group grow in their grasp of the gospel they were acting out. It was powerful how touched the audience were by experiencing the drama of the gospel in this live and confronting way.
Claire Haworth, Mark Drama Actor and Director, Dublin, Ireland

The Mark Drama made a powerful impression on this pastor; a powerful impression on the participants and a powerful impression on all who came.
Paul Holmes, Minister, Parkstone Baptist Church, Poole

Every church longs to encourage its congregation to reach out with the good news of Jesus in new, meaningful, helpful and engaging ways – whilst at the same time avoiding that which is cringe-worthy or sentimental. The Mark Drama allows the words of the bible to speak for itself – the Word does the work – and in The Mark Drama many participants join together to spread the Word. Thus we have in this most useful tool a powerful means of making the gospel known.
Revd Gareth Lewis, Senior Minister, Christchurch Harpenden

It really does help you to grow in your faith, it's a great opportunity to truly study Mark's Gospel, but then enacting it just enhances what you have studied. Getting to grips with the emotions that Jesus goes through is one example. It's a powerful way to show both Christians and non-Christians alike the life of Jesus.
Daniel Bauhahn, The University of Manchester University Christian Union

We have used The Mark Drama twice. It allowed a group of believers to really learn Mark's Gospel together. It also provided an excellent evangelistic opportunity to present the Lord Jesus faithfully from His Word.
Jonathan Prime, Pastor, Enfield Evangelical Free Church, Enfield

This is a brilliant way of experiencing the power of Mark's Gospel in a fresh way. Taking part in this drama is moving, exciting, fun, challenging and wonderful. Best of all it allows Mark's Gospel to reignite your heart with a love for Jesus.
Jonty Allcock, Pastor, Bush Hill Park Community Church

The Mark Drama is an outstanding experience, brilliantly capturing the dramatic force of Mark's Gospel. Perhaps most powerful of all is the fact that every single word of the Lord Jesus recorded in Mark's gospel is spoken aloud. It could not be easier to invite people to come, since it is a drama. It has great evangelistic potential. To be thoroughly recommended.
John Samuel, Senior Pastor of Grosvenor Road Baptist Church, Dublin, Ireland

I found The Mark Drama an amazing experience that taught me more about Jesus and caused me to worship him more and more. It is a great tool to introduce non-churched people to the life of Jesus, and a resource I would encourage all churches to consider using.
Andy Morgan, Youth Worker, City Life Church, Southampton

I've used The Mark Drama every day for a month, and my digestive problems are now a thing of the past...
Chris Tuck, Church Manager, Above Bar Church, Southampton