What participants say about
The Mark Drama

The impact of the life of Jesus is very powerful. It was a great step of faith to do something which seemed humanly impossible - and to know that God had done it.

As someone who had the humbling honor of getting to portray Jesus in the Mark Drama I must say that I am surprised at how easy it is to memorize both the content (order of events) of Mark's Gospel and the words of Jesus. And while I have memorized lines from many theater productions, none has a lasting value like memorizing the content of The Mark Drama, because its script is the Scriptures themselves. The Word of God is living and active, and Paul describes it as "the sword of the Spirit." All the while as we thought we were preparing for a drama, we were really preparing for walking with God in closer fellowship and service. The Mark Drama definitely was an instrument God has used to light a fire in me and many other members of our team to learn and memorize more scripture.

It really can be done! The learning is not onerous and the rewards are considerable.

I love drama and always enjoy it when it is used to open God's word to people. But to do The Mark Drama was also something completely new, to learn the Gospel of Mark and then bring it to life, relying on God and those around you. It was an incredible thing to be involved with.

It was really helpful and interesting to learn Mark in such a lot of detail and it was a lot of fun. It's really hard to believe you will actually be able to do the whole thing in 3 rehearsals but God was just so obviously working and helping us.

This drama held everyone's  interest for 90 minutes. Quite an achievement in preaching the gospel. It gave breadth to the life and teaching of Jesus and touched the emotions very strongly.

The trial and mocking scene was hard, but on another level frighteningly easy. Putting the crown of thorns on the head of the actor playing Jesus struck home to me that it was my sin, my punishment, being thrust upon Christ.

It will take a long time to forget acting the part from Jesus' arrest to Peter's denial. I found it really difficult to act the denial (not just the crying), and going from the arrest and shouting at Judas, to the denial felt like crushing blow after crushing blow. I think I empathised with Peter most at those points and wondered whether I would have done differently. And seeing Jesus on trial at the same time made it all seem pretty cataclysmic. I would even go as far as saying that these scenes helped me to go straight into the shouting ‘Crucify!’, because I was thinking, ‘This could easily have been me.’