Upcoming Performances

The Mark Drama is not suitable for anyone under the age of 8.

may 2019

11may7:00 pm🇳🇿 Christchurch7:00 pm

12may7:00 pm🇳🇿 Christchurch7:00 pm

13may7:00 pm🇳🇿 Christchurch7:00 pm

13may7:00 pm🇩🇪 Karlsruhe7:00 pm

13may7:30 pm🇩🇪 St. Johann7:30 pm

20may8:30 pm🇵🇹 GBU Coimbra8:30 pm

21may8:30 pm🇵🇹 GBU Coimbra8:30 pm

june 2019

No Events

july 2019

No Events

august 2019

10aug7:00 pm🇳🇿 Dunedin7:00 pm

11aug7:00 pm🇳🇿 Dunedin7:00 pm

12aug7:00 pm🇳🇿 Dunedin7:00 pm

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