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Andrew Page wrote The Mark Experiment and loves directing the Mark Drama. This blog is where he reflects on past productions and current developments, and writes about significant passages from Mark's Gospel.


 Callom Harkrader works part-time with Andrew Page on the Mark Drama and part of his time as the Head of Outreach at Above Bar Church. 


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The jury's still out

I started finding or creating the structure of Mark which is in the book The Mark Experiment while preparing to preach through the gospel at a conference in Austria about 10 years ago. Some of the commentaries suggest six sections, which got me thinking and praying about how to divide up the gospel for the talks I had been invited to give.

In the middle of what some commentaries called Section Two there are four miracles which obviously belong together because they show Jesus' authority in every area of life (4:35 - 5:43): he stills the storm (nature), drives out Legion's demons (evil), heals the sick woman (sickness) and raises Jairus' daughter (death).

Then I remembered that as a student in the early 70s I had decided to learn the whole of Mark by heart (don't be impressed — I gave up after chapter 1). But back then I remember noticing that there were four incidents in chapter 1 where there was no opposition to Jesus (1:21-45), followed by four incidents in chapter 2 with lots of opposition (2:1-28). So there was a block of eight incidents in Section One with a logic to them.

And then it hit me. Before those four miracles in Section Two Jesus told some parables. How many? I turned to chapter 4 and counted: sower, lamp, seed growing secretly, mustard seed (4:1-34). Four! So there was a block of eight in Section One and a block of eight in Section Two.

That was what got me started. I'll tell you what happened next tomorrow.

Oh, and as to whether I have found this structure or created it myself — well, the jury's still out on that one.


It's great to be part of a team

Two important things happened yesterday.

The first is that I wrote my first Mark Drama prayer letter (if you click on the image, you can see the whole thing):

As I start this new job to develop and spread the Mark Drama, I'm very conscious of my weakness and of the size of the task ahead. So I really need prayer. If you would like to receive this prayer letter five times a year, just send us an email ⇒

Just to explain: the Mark Drama Newsletter is more general, while my prayer letter is more specifically about me.

The other thing that happened yesterday was that the Mark Drama Support Group met for the first time. It is brilliant to have a group of people behind me who are committed to the Mark Drama and who love me too! So hopefully they will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Tomorrow I might write something about how I came up with this structure for Mark's Gospel.


Time for something new

Today is as good a day as any to begin blogging. Those of you who know me well will understand how frightened I am of this! But I am just so excited by Mark Drama and its potential, and I long for the Lord to use it more and more.

Yesterday I trained Mike to be a MD director. He has already been in MD three times and is just about to begin Relay with a CU in Bradford, so it would be great if he gets the opportunity to direct MD up there, both for CUs and for churches. You might want to pray for Mike.

And it is not only blogging that is new to me: I have just sent a video message to a house-group in Austria who are doing the Mark experiment using the book (which means they are learning the order of the events in Mark so they can do Bible study in the shower without getting their Bibles wet). So I was encouraging them to keep going.

One more new thing for Andrew: At the beginning of September I will be starting a new job, doing MD full-time. More on this another day. 

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