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Andrew Page wrote The Mark Experiment and loves directing the Mark Drama. This blog is where he reflects on past productions and current developments, and writes about significant passages from Mark's Gospel.


 Callom Harkrader works part-time with Andrew Page on the Mark Drama and part of his time as the Head of Outreach at Above Bar Church. 


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Mark Drama: 6 of 6

This was Hamilton Road Baptist Church in Bangor, Northern ireland.

It was not without its surprises. Sadly, our Jesus actor had to pull out between the first rehearsal and the second.

So there was nothing for it: I had to play Jesus.

I know the words and it is a privilege to speak them out, but my left knee is not in great shape so I was nervous about the crucifixion scene especially.

The team were astonishing: they threw themselves into this new situation (learning the drama with a Jesus who was old enough to be the grandfather of some of them!). The disciple team was wonderful (and a great support to me), the Pharisees were steely and the plus-team (who play multiple parts) did a brilliant job of making every scene real.  

In the event we had around 100 people at the first performance and over 200 at the second: word had got around! 

And the Lord gave me all the strength I needed. The crucifixion scene - never easy to play of course - went well and safely. It was obvious that many people had been blown away by experiencing the Mark Drama.

Please pray that this Hamilton Road production - and the 5 preceding it - will have made eternity different. 


Mark Drama: 5 of 6

Cheam Baptist Church put on a Mark Drama production for the first time in March 2016. 

They decided to repeat the experience this year because they found it so easy to invite people to. This time they even produced Mark Drama packs for the church family with suggestions as to how to invite friends and family. 

It was a pleasure to be back with them. The team worked hard and learnt the drama well. 

Nic had played Simon Peter in 2016, and was back in the team this year playing Jesus: he knew the words extremely well and really committed himself to the whole project. 

We had two almost full peformances (nearly 200 people each time, with lots of visitors). You could sense that the power of the gospel story was gripping the audience, and especially the events in the last chapters of Mark leading up to the cross. 

It was an honour to be there, and and hnour to work with this Mark Drama team.

5 down. 1 to go!


Mark Drama in Hungary

This is me asking you to pray.

Zalán was the first ever Jesus actor in Hungary: I remember how moving it was to direct a production and to experience the Mark Drama being performed in Hungarian.

Since then Zalán has been supported (part-time) by a group pf churches in Hungary to direct the Mark Drama. He has directed 65 productions in the last few years: think of all those people who have seen and heard the good news of Jesus in this way!

But now the money has dried up: that group of churches can no longer support Zalán in the Mark Drama ministry.

Please will you pray God's wisdom for him? If he gets any other kind of job he will not be available to travel to other parts of Hungary to direct productions. 

So please pray for God's wisdom and God's encouragement for Zalán. Let's thank God for all that has happened in Hungary through the Mark Drama, and ask him how he wants things to move forward.

In a way that will bring glory to Jesus.


Mark Drama: 4 of 6

This morning I got the train back to Southampton. I had been in Leyton, directing the Mark Drama for Christ Church.

This was a repeat: they had done it 3 years ago.

One of the things that struck them then, was that it was so easy to invite friends to come and see the Mark Drama: I'm sure that's one of the reasons they decided to do it again.

The team seemed very ready, and Mark (the Jesus actor) was very solid on the words and very ready to do everything to help make this the best Mark Drama it could be.

We were pretty well full at both performances, which I think exceeded the expectations of the church family.

So I am exhausted but full of thanks to God. And praying for all those who came to a performance.

Please join me! 


Mark Drama: 3 of 6

This was in Leeds. 

Most of the team were from South Parade Baptist Church, but some were from other churches. A good example of Christians working together. 

Because we had lost some team-members I ended up playing Simon Peter as well as directing. This was very tiring of course. The only advantage was that I never needed to tell the Simon Peter actor what I wanted him to do; he always knew.

It was uncanny!

Once again I really enjoyed this Mark Drama. The team worked hard and Joe, who was playing Jesus, who was another Jesus actor who knew the Jesus words really well, was very quick to get what I was looking for.

Both performances were very strong. The gospel is wonderful.

And Jesus is the greatest!