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Andrew Page wrote The Mark Experiment and loves directing the Mark Drama. This blog is where he reflects on past productions and current developments, and writes about significant passages from Mark's Gospel.


 Callom Harkrader works part-time with Andrew Page on the Mark Drama and part of his time as the Head of Outreach at Above Bar Church. 


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Mark Drama: 5 of 6

Cheam Baptist Church put on a Mark Drama production for the first time in March 2016. 

They decided to repeat the experience this year because they found it so easy to invite people to. This time they even produced Mark Drama packs for the church family with suggestions as to how to invite friends and family. 

It was a pleasure to be back with them. The team worked hard and learnt the drama well. 

Nic had played Simon Peter in 2016, and was back in the team this year playing Jesus: he knew the words extremely well and really committed himself to the whole project. 

We had two almost full peformances (nearly 200 people each time, with lots of visitors). You could sense that the power of the gospel story was gripping the audience, and especially the events in the last chapters of Mark leading up to the cross. 

It was an honour to be there, and and hnour to work with this Mark Drama team.

5 down. 1 to go!