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Andrew Page wrote The Mark Experiment and loves directing the Mark Drama. This blog is where he reflects on past productions and current developments, and writes about significant passages from Mark's Gospel.


 Callom Harkrader works part-time with Andrew Page on the Mark Drama and part of his time as the Head of Outreach at Above Bar Church. 


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Mark Drama: 2 of 6

Yesterday afternoon the second performance of the Christ Church Endcliffe and St Augustine's Church (Sheffield) Mark Drama production took place. 

This was another great team to work with. They had done their learning of the order of the events, and Ben, our Jesus actor, really knew the Jesus words. 

Rehearsals went well. On the Friday evening we couldn't rehearse in the hall we were going to be performing in and ended up in really quite a pokey room elsewhere in Sheffield: but the team took this in their stride wonderfully. So it really wasn't a problem. 

Both performances were very strong. The whole team were very focused and the audience - especially on Sunday - responded really well to every part of the drama. This is mainly because the Sunday audience was larger. 

And Ben, playing Jesus, did a brilliant job. There is something about playing Jesus in a Mark Drama: it changes you.

Today I am off to Leeds to direct Mark Drama number 3! I am up for it!