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Andrew Page wrote The Mark Experiment and loves directing the Mark Drama. This blog is where he reflects on past productions and current developments, and writes about significant passages from Mark's Gospel.


 Callom Harkrader works part-time with Andrew Page on the Mark Drama and part of his time as the Head of Outreach at Above Bar Church. 


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Mark Drama: 1 of 6

This was in Canterbury, where I lived during pretty much all of the 1970s. So it was good to be back.

Emmanuel Church were putting on a Mark Drama production for the first time. They had a full team and were well prepared. The only struggle I had is that they were rather quiet, so I was a bit afraid that the audience would not always hear what they were up to. 

I wasn't sure they believed me!

But from Saturday morning onwards they seemed to come into their own. Volume levels rose, passion grew, and the whole team were especially gripped by enacting the climax of the Jesus story.

Co-directing with me was Dan, who is training to be a Mark Drama director and who, next time round, will direct a production on his own.

Phin, our Jesus actor, knew the Jesus words very well and was very strong in Section Six, which includes Gethsemane and the cross. At the performances it was wonderful to see the whole team in action.

Maybe, since you are reading this, you would pray for all those who came to a performance.